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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Welcome to Patriot Sales

Welcome to our new webiste! We are currently adding products so please check back in a few days while we add and arrange our products.

You may contact us if you should have any questions or you would like to make a purchase.

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A History of Excellence

The origin of the family business began in 1954 when my father Cecil Edward Kell started selling fireworks out of a small, makeshift stand on the Old 66 corridor, just west of St. Louis, Missouri.

He began the business as a way to bring in extra money to support his family. Over the years my family has worked together to carry the business forward and to make it into the enterprise that it is today. Since then, I have built a new facility, "Molly Brown's Fireworks," located three miles west of Six Flags over Mid America on Interstate 44.

In 2006, we acquired property which is the present and future home of our wholesale operation, "Patriot Sales Inc." The warehouse is located on Interstate 44 near Bourbon, Missouri. Exit 214

I am proud of our progress throughout the years as well as all the things we have been able to achieve including the establishment of our private labels "Caliber Fireworks" and "The Works". The quality and labeling of our items are among the best in the business. I am looking forward to meeting you and fulfilling your needs. Have a safe and prosperous year.

Best Wishes!
Steven D. Kell and Family

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